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What This Is All About

April 20th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I created this site to track my own research and investing strategy. What I want is to run my investment portfolio like a personal hedge fund – to make investing decisions based upon the most attractive opportunities.

I don’t want to make any assumptions, or follow familiar investing dogma – asset allocation, diversification, sector investing, etc. Let’s look at the evidence and then make logical conclusions.

There are so many investing sites, investing firms and books that it would seem that investing should be easy and there would be a consensus on how to do it. Even though there is more information than ever and the task of investing is easier than ever, this doesn’t mean that people are actually investing better.

The main reason is: people still take actions primarily on their emotions and not their logic. Human nature isn’t necessarily aided by improvements in technology and information.

These are topics that won’t be focusing on, because I assume that you already know these topics and are in control of your finances. I want to talk about investing primarily.

  • Debt control and debt reduction.
  • Spending control. I want to talk about making more to spend more, not less.
  • Saving money. I expect that you are doing this already.

These are some of the strategies and techniques I will talk about:

  • Dividend stock investing – this investing strategy is the best one for amateur individual stock pickers. I focus on investments that pay dividends.
  • Preferred stock investing – An investment class you may not know about that you should consider.
  • Non-stock investing – newer classes of investments (MLPs, REITs) that are not represented in mainstream index funds that can be good additions to your portfolio.
  • Margin – borrowing money to buy investments is generally seen as taboo if you aren’t a professional. In the age of zero or low interest rates forever, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t consider it. I will talk about how to borrow money to make more money.
  • Options – there are simple, conservative ways to use options to increase your investment income or get stocks at better prices.




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