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Investor Guide

April 20th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

This guide contains information about how to be a great value investor. Here are my best articles and best ideas to get you started on your journey to making money investing. This page is still just getting started, more articles will be added over time.

Cash Basics

Good investing starts with good cash management. When you manage your cash effectively, you will naturally become a better investor when you make the transition by using the same strategy and consistency. These articles are geared towards people with positive cash flow and generally healthy personal balance sheet (if anyone has interest in assessing their debt and strategies to improve let me know – I could add articles).

Investing Basics

If I had to boil down investing to one idea it would be this: good investments are those that you understand and at their heart are good companies that consistently satisfy their customers and make money.

Investing Strategy

Investing strategy means determining what your goals are, then finding investments that you understand, fit your return expectations, and risk profile. Wall Street is filled with all types of investments some of which aren’t even stocks or bonds. Learn how to use them to your benefit.

  • Why Slow Growth Beats Fast Growth – The most exciting fastest growing stocks won’t necessarily get you the best return, when you consider your time frame.
  • How To Earn 8% Per Year Without Equity Risk – Wall Street offers more investments than simply stocks. Earn a good return without taking on the risks of investing in a company.
  • The Federal Reserve is forcing down short term interest rates and is strongly influencing long term rates as well. Investors may be on edge on when/if short term rates will go up, but it is likely that rates will be low for a long time. Learn how to profit from low interest rates by taking advantage of this cheap, short term money: How to Use The Fed’s Free Money to Make Money, Part I, and Part II. Here’s my real portfolio that I setup with details on its returns.
  • If using margin to profit from low interest rates is too aggressive for you,¬†consider other options.


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