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A Museum Dedicated To Stocks

December 18th, 2011 2 comments

Museum of Finance

In recent years, I have visited many of the museums in Manhattan. I started with the largest and most popular ones, and quickly have determined that photos don’t do many of these fine works of art any justice; you need to see them up close. See works by Salvador Dali or Van Gogh at MOMA.

To get more ideas for museums, I went to the yearly CultureFest held in Battery Park City, NYC. There are many smaller museums which serve some niche interests which this festival highlights along with some performance art that is scheduled thoughout the day. It is worth a visit if you have the opportunity, Battery Park is beautiful and a great place to host a festival. It is at the CultureFest where I learned that there is a Museum of Finance (or as I like the call it, the Money Museum) located where else but on Wall Street. This is worth a visit, too, but make sure you plan other activities. It won’t fill up your day in the same way the CultureFest or MOMA would. I recently visited this museum.

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How To Move Cash To Your Broker

December 15th, 2011 No comments

In order to fund your broker account you need to send them money using one of a few methods. These are the typical methods used that brokers support.

Checks Or Account Transfers

If you are getting started to investing, I recommend using a physical check issued from your bank or credit union. Deposit the check either by sending it in the mail or visiting your broker at their local office in your area. Make sure that the money is in the account that the check is drawn from before you send it and that there isn’t any possibility of the money being withdrawn by other claims (bill payment, bank fees, etc.)
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Save $100 On Jewelry At

December 14th, 2011 2 comments

Do you need to buy quality jewelry for the holidays? There less than two weeks until the holidays! Take a look at, they have fantastic, high quality items at attractive prices. I have used them before and have been very happy with the result. I have previously written about how to buy jewelry (from a man’s point of view) at For All The Men: How To Buy Diamond Jewelry, and How To Buy Certified Diamonds.

Refer a friend and you can both save:

$20 on your order of $100 or more
$50 on your order of $500 or more
$100 on your order of $1000 or more

If you want me to refer you for the discount, please enter a comment below or contact me here. Thanks!

At this time, Six Figure Investor has no affiliate or any other type of relationship with, I am just a frequent satisfied customer offering their Refer-A-Friend Discount.

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Why You Should Use A Margin Account

December 13th, 2011 1 comment

Conventional wisdom tells you that you are ill-advised to trade stocks on margin. For most people this is good advice, though,  I wouldn’t tell anyone not to use a tool available to them if they understand the risks and potential rewards. Since I have been an investor using broker accounts, all of my accounts have been margin accounts. There are good reasons to have a margin account even if you never actually use margin. First an overview of margin.
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Weekend Investor: Sunday Reading

December 11th, 2011 2 comments

This is what I am reading this weekend.

Futura Seeks To Lift Fortunes – Futura UK (LON:FUM), which trades on the London exchange is looking to “enhance” earnings in an unusual way. Adding Viagra to condoms. No Joke.

Cheap Stock With A Recent Dividend – Mantra talks about Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BDX). This company has increased dividends for 38 straight years, does it belong in your portfolio?

The Maturation Of Tech Stocks – Dividend Monk talks about if those mature technology companies from the first Internet Boom are worthy of investment because of their dividend policy. Can these former pure growth companies convince you that they are dividend growth plays?

IBM Dividend Stock Analysis – Speaking of former pure growth darlings, IBM has successfully transformed itself into a formidable dividend growth stock. Read Dividend Growth Investor’s analysis.

Why You Should Not Invest Using Leverage – BuyLikeBuffett talks about why you shouldn’t use leverage. This is a controversial topic as the MF Global bankruptcy has demonstrated that the recent lessons of the financial meltdown haven’t been heeded. There are cases where even average investors can use leverage, such as Municipal Bond Funds. Most Municipal bond funds use leverage without much difficulty.

Ford Ends Dividend Drought – reported that Ford (F) has reinstated its dividend after a five year drought. Ford was the only domestic automobile manufacturer which didn’t go into bankruptcy. This is not an obvious dividend growth play more of a contrarian play.

If You Own Mutual Funds Or ETFs, Don’t Ignore This Metric – MoneyCone offers up this extensive and complete article about Lipper averages and how to use them when evaluating mutual funds and ETFs. Takeaways: Lipper averages mean beating other funds, not necessarily the market; mutual fund providers game the rating system to make their funds look better (does this surprise anyone?).

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