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It’s The Wild West With Mobile Investing Apps

November 15th, 2011 No comments

For an investor, a smartphone is cool device that can be used for virtually any need that used to require a PC. Smartphone apps are still not full replacements for PC apps, for a lot of reasons the most obvious is that the market is still immature. But it’s changing fast. Ten years ago, getting real time quotes was a luxury that was available at extra cost, whereas today many mobile apps provide real time information from day one.

I had a wakeup call when I was adding an additional broker to my Wikinvest Mobile iPhone app.
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Weekend Investor: The Elderly Have All The Wealth

November 12th, 2011 No comments

How can you get wealthy? The answer is revealed in this recent news report. The amount of average wealth is larger the older you are. Duh! Many people may think that some magic fairy hands it out, or my favorite phrase, “distributes it” by some governor.

This is not rocket science, no special study is required to conclude the obvious.
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Why It’s Hard To Value Stocks

November 11th, 2011 No comments

Stock valuation is one of those skills that are subject to interpretation, gut instincts, as well as hard numbers. There is no magic formula and if you only use hard numbers or instincts alone you will likely be disappointed, or worse get crushed by the market.

One way to mitigate stock valuation is to diversify, index, or hand your money over to a money manager. From this point of view, buying a broad based index fund at an overall attractive valuation can be an easier way to investor success. However, at Six Figure we are stocks pickers. Why? Selecting the best stocks offers the ability to get great returns that are better than ETFs. I’ve done it, others have, and you can too.
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Portfolio: Tax Deferred Without An IRA

November 6th, 2011 No comments

This portfolio, named ‘Tax Deferred Without An IRA’ contains investments that defer taxes. You might think that this isn’t possible because you need a sheltered account, such as a ROTH IRA, 401(K), or one of the other many retirement and college savings accounts. While the investments provide tax deferment, note that this doesn’t not mean tax avoidance.
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Weekend Investor: Why Michael Moore Gets A Pass @Occupy

November 5th, 2011 No comments

There is a battle going on between the 99%ers and the 53%ers. Sam @FinancialSamurai makes a good case for the 53%ers, who are the silent majority in the country who pay all the federal income taxes. They are not protesting, not occupying any parks, but going to work to make their own way.

The question I have about this issue is why do celebrity 1%ers and others in that category not only get a pass by the 99%ers, but are welcomed and celebrated? Michael Moore as pictured above recently visited Occupy Wall Street to speak. You may have seen recent stories about Kayne West, Russel Simmons, Susan Sarandon and many others also being welcomed. Surely these celebrities are part of that 1%?
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