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Weekend Investor: The NY Times Will Pay You To Take The Paper!

January 7th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

During the weekend, it’s relaxing to drink coffee and…read the newspaper!

Newspapers still have value, there is an experience here that can’t be duplicated with an iPad. Though, I have to admit that I don’t read newspapers that much anymore.

If you are a person of a certain age (say over 35), you probably at sometime in the past remember getting a paper newspaper delivered to your home. It’s been over 10 years since I last had a NY Times print subscription. Like many things you develop as a habit when you are a child, I still have affection for reading newspapers – especially the Sunday edition. As much as I like everything available electronically, sometimes it is too much and overwhelming.

However, I just never get around to buying a paper. After reading this, you may want to reconsider!

From a business point of view, online news reading is presenting a real challenge to the print world. In some ways this is smartly removing market inefficiency where it previously existed. For example, the highest quality content still gets paid readership such as very local content or the best national newspapers. It’s the middling providers who are getting squeezed because simply regurgitating wire stories with little other value doesn’t present a competitive offering in today’s marketplace.

For newspapers such as the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal, the print advertising still pays the bills, by a lot. Looking at ad revenues, the NY Times gets 10X more revenue from print, even though the online audience is 10X larger.

In an effort to keep its print ad revenue, the New York Times will pay you to take the paper copy, even if you don’t want it! Here are the details from the NY Times website. If you just want electronic access to the NY Times, it can be cheaper to get the print offer because all paper subscriptions include full electronic access, even the weekend package.

Print Offer:

Digital Offer:

The key to the print offer is that they ALL include full access to the mobile and PC/MAC electronic versions. So, for $6.50/week (the cheapest print offer available, which includes Saturday/Sunday delivery – at the regular price), you get all the same access as the All Digital Access plan which alone costs $8.75/week! If you really don’t want the paper just throw it away and save over $2/week.

If you want access to the NY Times online or on your smartphone, you should consider getting the paper, too!

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